Jesso Elysium

Music video for Australian Indie Edm artist Jesso directed by Angus. The video was compiled, art directed, rigged, lit, animated and rendered in Blender using Blender’s Cycles rendering engine, with some additional modelling and texturing done in Zbrush and some After Effects post 3D effects work to finish the shots.  All materials (shaders) and lighting

Dreamcatcher Feat Jesso. Ralphie B Mix

[youtube=] Director: Angus Giorgi VFX, Post-Production: Angus Giorgi Producer: Toby Baron Label: Armada / Jesso Music

Natalie Imbruglia “Torn”

Director Alison Maclean, Exec Producer Angus Giorgi, Producers Angus Giorgi / Sarah Wills Commissioner Fraser Kent RCA /

“Piano Lesson” Allders

Director Angus Giorgi Producer Nick Saward BFCS Agency: RPM3, London Ad for Allders Department store. Shot on 35mm

Volvo “Climber”

Director: Patricia Murphy Exec Producer: Angus Giorgi Producers Angus Giorgi & Matthew Brown Production Company: Patricia Murphy Films

Saw 7 3D “Photobooth” Viral

Producer / Editor: Angus Giorgi, Creative: Nigel Malone Agency Producer: Lisa Kanani Agency: Play Communications Line Producer and

Sia “Taken For Granted”

Editor & Cmpositor Angus Giorgi Director Fatima

Emiliana Torrini Channel 4 Later Doc

Co-Producer, Editor& VFX Angus Giorgi Director, Cinematographer & Producer Alan Doyle

The Gruen Transfer “Parents Licence”

Compositor, Editor and VFX artist Angus Giorgi Voices recorded by Angus Giorgi Produced by Angus Giorgi and Fuchsia

Jane Walker feat Predator “Ancient Land”

Jane Walker feat Predator “Ancient Land”

Direction / Camera / Editing Angus Giorgi Label: GoSet Music. Commissioner Lorda Omessiah

Swatch “Red Square”

Director Patricia Murphy Exec Producer: Richard Ronan, Filmgo Producer Angus Giorgi / Max Sereno Patricia Murphy Films /

Layla Kaylif “Shakespeare In Love”

Director Angus Giorgi Producer Nick Saward Label: Edel Records Production Company: BFCS

Rialto “Summer’s Over”

Director Angus Giorgi
Producer Hermas LaSalle
Production Company BFCS
Editor: Angus Giorgi
China Records

Deni Hines “Joy”

Directed by Angus Giorgi Producer Hermas LaSalle Editor: Angus Giorgi Commissioner Mandie Harris – Mushroom / Infectious Records

Charlene Smith “Everything Is You”

Director: Angus Giorgi Producer: Sarah Wills Commissioner: Jonathon Bunney China Records

The Levellers “Dog Train”

Director: Angus Giorgi, Paul Donellon Producer Hermas LaSalle Commissioner Jonathon Bunney China Records Editor: Angus Giorgi

Dikta “Breaking The Waves”

Dikta “Breaking The Waves”

Director Angus Giorgi
Producer Janie Moffat

Gene “Fill Her Up”

Music video for the band Gene, directed by Angus Giorgi

The Levellers “Celebrate”

Director Angus Giorgi, Paul Donnellon Producer Sarah Wills Commissioner: Jonathon Bunney China Records

Dikta “Someone Somewhere”

Dikta “Someone Somewhere”

Director Angus Giorgi The video was shot on Super 8 by Angus in the UK and Italy

Dionne Bernard “Hurricane”

Director Angus Giorgi Producer Nick Seymour DOP Bruce Jackson Editor Angus Giorgi Commissioner Paul Jordan, Bug Music

Vitro “Set It Down”

Director Angus Giorgi Label: Independiente Prod: Sarah Wills / Karen O’Brien Music video for Vitro set it down

Gene “As Good As It Gets”

Director Angus Giorgi Producer Nick Seyour BFCS

Angus Animation & 3D Showreel

A selection of older work done in 3D Studio Max with some work done in Zbrush. Some of

Dave Stewart “Happy to Be Here”

Director Dave Stewart Producer Angus Giorgi / Karen O’Brien Post: Smoke & Mirrors

911 “Wonderland”

Director Angus Giorgi Producer Jason Uzell Virgin You can watch the actual video here:

Christian Fry “Never Stop Loving You”

Director Angus Giorgi Producer Bella Bunce Label: Mushroom Infectious Production Company: BFCS Editor: Angus Giorgi

Bellatrix “Jediwannabe”

Director Angus Giorgi Producer Nick Seymour BFCS

Bellatrix “Sweet Surrender”

Director Angus Giorgi Producer Nick Seymour

So Good “Essential”

So Good “Essential”

3D Modelling, Animation, Design, Lighting and Rendering  Angus Giorgi Producer Janey Moffatt for Toaster Productions and Jam Agency

Bellatrix – The Girl With the Sparkling Eyes

Music video directed, edited and composited by Angus Giorgi in 2002 for Icelandic Band Bellatrix. One of three