Dionne Bernard “Hurricane”

Director Angus Giorgi
Producer Nick Seymour
DOP Bruce Jackson
Editor Angus Giorgi
Commissioner Paul Jordan, Bug Music

Featuring the lovely Dionne Bernard, the song was produced and mixed by Eddie Martin who also appears in the video.

Born as Edward Kwasi Martin, but better known by many as Eddie Martin/Kwasi Jones, is an English songwriter and producer. EMMA Award winning Eddie “Kwasi Jones” Martin is a musician, songwriter and founding member of several production teams and recording groups. He has written and produced for a number of artists and has been reported to be a sought after songwriter in the industry. He also has his own publishing label called Monastery Music Group.Earlier in his career Kwasi’s talents caught the attention of music producer Mykael Riley, who took him under his wing. Kwasi worked as a programmer and researcher for Mykael while studying a degree in Commercial Music, at the University of Westminster. During this time he worked with popular acts such as Mark Morison, Peter Andre, Maria Rowe, MN8 and China Black. It was around this period that he developed a reputation as a programmer and producer, producing demos for the likes of Livingston Brown, Gary Benson, Glen Goldsmith and Dionne Bernard (Infinity) – who was sign to RCA.